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[SharePoint4MEA : Arabic Video] Creating SharePoint 2013 Web Applications

We are progressing very quickly. Today we’ve published the 4th lesson in the SharePoint 2013 Administration Arabic course to SharePoint4MEA YouTube channel.



Today’s lesson is all about “Creating SharePoint 2013 Web Application”, you can watch it from here .

Last but not least, and thanks guys for the amazing feedback!

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[Arabic Video] Creating Automated Build-Deploy-Test Workflows for SharePoint using Visual Studio 2012

This video is the last part of the “SharePoint Testing & Troubleshooting using Visual Studio 2012” Arabic video series. You need to watch the previous videos in the series to follow along. If you missed the previous videos, please check

As mentioned in the previous video, you can create a build-deploy-test workflow using Visual Studio 2012 to deploy and test your SharePoint Applications when you run a build. This lets you schedule and run the build, deployment, and testing of your SharePoint application with one build process. Build-deploy-test workflows work with Lab Management to deploy your applications to a lab environment and run tests on them as part of the build process. You can watch a detailed video for the whole process here.



Please note that you might need to change the quality to 720 p (HD) as shown below for the best viewing experience.


[Arabic Video] Executing Automated Tests for SharePoint in Virtual Test Labs using Microsoft Test Manager 2012

In the video titled “Converting SharePoint Manual Tests to Automated Tests using Visual Studio 2012“, we ended up converting the manual test case we created in the “Manual Testing for SharePoint using Microsoft Test Manager 2012” video to an Automated Test.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to execute the Automated Test from Microsoft Test Manager 2012 in the same way we executed a Manual Test. You can watch the video here.



When you run automated tests in Microsoft Test Manager, you must run them in a lab environment. To run automated tests in a lab environment, you must associate your automated tests with test cases, and then add the test cases to a test suite in a test plan.

Here are the steps performed in the video:

  1. Create a Virtual Test Lab for SharePoint using Microsoft Test Manager & Visual Studio 2012 Lab Management
  2. Build & Install the SharePoint application in the Testing Environment.
  3. Create new “Test Settings” (Data Collection & Diagnostic Data Adapters)
  4. Create a new Test Plan
  5. Configure the Test Plan (Test Settings & Test Environment)
  6. Add the Automated Test to the Test Plan.
  7. Create a Build Definition & Queue a new build.
  8. Assign the build to the Test Plan
  9. Run the automated Test Case from Microsoft Test Manager
  10. View & Analyze Results.

Please note that you might need to change the quality to 720 p (HD) as shown below for the best viewing experience.


[Arabic Video] Exploratory & Agile Testing for SharePoint using Microsoft Test Manager 2012

This video is part of the SharePoint Testing & Troubleshooting Arabic Video Series.
In today’s video, you will learn how to do Exploratory Testing for your SharePoint solutions using Microsoft Test Manager 2012. You will learn about how exploratory testing (also called XT, or agile testing) has become a first-class experience in the toolset. This allows a tester to more flexibly test the underlying SharePoint Application without relying solely on formal test cases. Meanwhile, Microsoft Test Manager will continue to capture rich diagnostics about the application being tested which can be delivered to the development team if a bug is discovered. You can watch the video from here.





Note: You might need to change the quality to 720 p (HD) as shown above for the best viewing experience.

Recordings from SPSEMEA – Marwan Tarek and Ayman El-Hattab

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Ayman El-Hattab, founder of, made an announcement this morning that, following in the footsteps of Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA, he is sponsoring Live Online SharePoint Saturday Arabia! This is exciting news. Now that the door has been opened, hopefully more of these event will start being localized for communities that don’t have the resources to produce their own.

When I received Ayman’s message, it reminded me that I hadn’t posted his recorded session from SPEMEA. His session was done in Arabic, so making it available now is a good warmup for SharePoint Saturday Arabia, coming on March 27, 2010. Also included for download is Marwan Tarek’s session on SharePoint 2010.

Downloads for SPSEMEA

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Arabic Screencasts for “SharePoint Pages” by Osama Mourad

I have been working lately with Osama Mourad ( Development Manager at LINKdotNET ) on putting together a series of screencasts in Arabic for Osama has just sent me a note notifying me that he is done with his first screencast titled “SharePoint Pages”.

I’m really happy to be presenting this , It’s really informative and useful. Thanks, Osama. Your work is appreciated.

Feedback on the Arabic web casts!

Last week, I have been receiving wonderful feedback on the Arabic SharePoint web casts I have recorded lately, I would like to thank everybody who took time to send me an e-mail or contacted me via facebook or twitter to give me his/her feedback.

I would like also to extend a special thank you to Mike Walsh [SharePoint MVP and author of Sams Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 Hours: Using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0] for giving my webcasts a plug in his blog.