[Arabic Video] Creating Automated Build-Deploy-Test Workflows for SharePoint using Visual Studio 2012

This video is the last part of the “SharePoint Testing & Troubleshooting using Visual Studio 2012” Arabic video series. You need to watch the previous videos in the series to follow along. If you missed the previous videos, please check http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZIOt6kostj3yAvgsvMtqBk0J4wX1FQQR&feature=view_all

As mentioned in the previous video, you can create a build-deploy-test workflow using Visual Studio 2012 to deploy and test your SharePoint Applications when you run a build. This lets you schedule and run the build, deployment, and testing of your SharePoint application with one build process. Build-deploy-test workflows work with Lab Management to deploy your applications to a lab environment and run tests on them as part of the build process. You can watch a detailed video for the whole process here.



Please note that you might need to change the quality to 720 p (HD) as shown below for the best viewing experience.



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