Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode on ALM with Office 365 Development

In episode 31 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Jeremy Thake (Senior Product Manager @ Microsoft) speaks to Vesa Juvonen about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Office 365 Development. Vesa shares what they have been doing with the Office 365 Patterns & Practices initiative with regard to ALM as well as what his core customers that he works with are doing. He also talks about different options for dev/test/prod environments for Office 365 too.

Download podcast from here.

Also, a couple of my ALM posts that I posted last year along with other extremely helpful posts have been featured in the post. For ALM enthusiasts, I would highly recommend listening to the podcast and checking its featured posts.



What the Top SharePoint ISV’s Use for their Public Facing Websites !!!!

cms_a I have done this quick exercise to measure the level of confidence the top SharePoint ISV’s have for SharePoint as a WCM platform they can rely on to run their .com sites. The results took me by a big surprise!!

AvePoint SilverStripe (PHP)
Metalogix ASP.NET
Nintex SiteCore (.NET)
Webcon PHP Drupal (PHP)
BPA Solutions WordPress (PHP)
Idera SiteCore (.NET)
Gradient Contao (PHP)
AgilePoint WordPress (PHP)
Adlib SiteCore (.NET)
CardioLog ASP.NET
ShareGate SiteCore (.NET)
HarePoint SharePoint 2013
CoSign WordPress (PHP)
Axceler (Now part of Metalogix) Percussion
MetaVis Drupal (PHP)
Rencore WordPress (PHP)
InfoWise ASP.NET
Bamboo Solutions ASP.NET
Lightning Tools WordPress (PHP)
WebTrends WordPress (PHP)
Collaboris ASP.NET

Seriously? Only one ISV is using SharePoint for their .com ?!