Recordings from SPSEMEA – Marwan Tarek and Ayman El-Hattab

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Ayman El-Hattab, founder of, made an announcement this morning that, following in the footsteps of Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA, he is sponsoring Live Online SharePoint Saturday Arabia! This is exciting news. Now that the door has been opened, hopefully more of these event will start being localized for communities that don’t have the resources to produce their own.

When I received Ayman’s message, it reminded me that I hadn’t posted his recorded session from SPEMEA. His session was done in Arabic, so making it available now is a good warmup for SharePoint Saturday Arabia, coming on March 27, 2010. Also included for download is Marwan Tarek’s session on SharePoint 2010.

Downloads for SPSEMEA

[[Cross-posted from EndUserSharePoint.Com ]]


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