[Arabic Video] Executing Automated Tests for SharePoint in Virtual Test Labs using Microsoft Test Manager 2012

In the video titled “Converting SharePoint Manual Tests to Automated Tests using Visual Studio 2012“, we ended up converting the manual test case we created in the “Manual Testing for SharePoint using Microsoft Test Manager 2012” video to an Automated Test.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to execute the Automated Test from Microsoft Test Manager 2012 in the same way we executed a Manual Test. You can watch the video here.



When you run automated tests in Microsoft Test Manager, you must run them in a lab environment. To run automated tests in a lab environment, you must associate your automated tests with test cases, and then add the test cases to a test suite in a test plan.

Here are the steps performed in the video:

  1. Create a Virtual Test Lab for SharePoint using Microsoft Test Manager & Visual Studio 2012 Lab Management
  2. Build & Install the SharePoint application in the Testing Environment.
  3. Create new “Test Settings” (Data Collection & Diagnostic Data Adapters)
  4. Create a new Test Plan
  5. Configure the Test Plan (Test Settings & Test Environment)
  6. Add the Automated Test to the Test Plan.
  7. Create a Build Definition & Queue a new build.
  8. Assign the build to the Test Plan
  9. Run the automated Test Case from Microsoft Test Manager
  10. View & Analyze Results.

Please note that you might need to change the quality to 720 p (HD) as shown below for the best viewing experience.



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