[O365ForAll : English Video] TOP OFFICE 365 APPS : Documents Shared With Me

“TOP OFFICE 365 APPS” is a new video series where I’ll be covering, explaining and reviewing some of the coolest and most beneficial apps available in the Office 365 SharePoint app store.

Today’s app is one of the currently featured apps in the store and is called “Document Shared With Me” . It works on both SharePoint On-prem and SharePoint Online. You can watch the video from here.


Generally speaking, the app “Documents Shared with Me” provides a holistic overview of all documents shared with the logged-in user. Thus the user is automatically informed of shared documents without leaving the current working context.

All documents shared in public libraries, e.g. on SkyDrive Pro, are listed in the app. The listed content in the app allows a direct interaction with the particular user. Because of this, the user doesn’t have to open the MySite or SkyDrive to get an overview of all shared documents.

Another great feature is that users can select what will be displayed in the “Documents Shared with Me” App. In this case users can enable documents shared from specific users, for instance.

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