[O365ForAll : English Video] TOP OFFICE 365 APPS : Mavention Profile Completeness

“TOP OFFICE 365 APPS” is a new video series where I’ll be covering, explaining and reviewing some of the coolest and most beneficial apps available in the Office 365 SharePoint app store.

Today’s App is : Mavention Profile Completeness”. It’s actually one of my favorite apps. You can watch the video from here.


Mavention Profile Completeness helps you to encourage your users to fill in the blanks on their profile. By confronting them with real-time statistics on how far their profile is completed your users will have an incentive to fill in missing information. Mavention Profile Completeness empowers users and helps them to achieve a full and active profile, making it quicker to find talent and colleagues within any given organization. By providing triggers to fill in missing information Mavention Profile Completeness strives to improve engagement and awareness on your intranet. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the app works on both SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online.


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