Converting ASP.NET Web Applications into SharePoint Apps using Visual Studio 2013

Do you know that you you can convert your existing ASP.NET Web Application (Whether it’s Web Forms or MVC) into a Provider-Hosted SharePoint App in a few steps ? Yes, Visual Studio 2013 has this feature built-in. Nobody is talking about it though, Google it and you will find nothing!

So here are the steps :

1. Tailspin Toys is a large solution that has been built over the years, Tailspin.Web is an ASP.NET MVC Project for the web layer.


2. Right-click the application and choose “Convert” then choose “Convert to App for SharePoint Project


3. Enter the SharePoint Site URL for debugging.


4. Now the SharePoint App project is being created


5. Now that it has been created, press F5 to deploy & debug it.


6. Trust it ..


7. The app launches in the browser, note the URL.


8. Check the AppManifest of the Provider-hosted app.





2 thoughts on “Converting ASP.NET Web Applications into SharePoint Apps using Visual Studio 2013”

  1. It’s a great feature, and thank you to write about, but I have a question, where doese the sharepoint store the web pages of the deployed application, in content database or under a virtual directory created for the application ?

  2. I couldn’t see Convert option. Is this available only in VIsual Studio 2013 “UPDATE 3”? I’m having UPDATE 2.

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