Forcing the Execution of Timer Jobs in SharePoint 2010

Since you are here, You have probably read my Understanding SharePoint Journal bonus issue about SharePoint troubleshooting or my blog post “Forcing the execution of timer jobs” where I discussed debugging custom timer jobs.

That’s what I have written four or five months ago:

“You will probably need to execute your timer jobs outside of their scheduled times when you are developing, troubleshooting, or testing your custom timer jobs. Unhappily, this is not possible from Central Administration, but you can work around that using the SharePoint object model”

Of course this was all about SharePoint 2007 but NOW in SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has made it easier for us, you can directly force the execution of any timer job by just pressing a button! Awesome!



“People who suffered from this limitation in SharePoint 2007 will really appreciate this…


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