Data-Centric Composites (Mashups) in SharePoint 2010 [EGYSUG, Dec09 Meeting]



Last Saturday, I was happy to deliver another SharePoint 2010 talk for Egypt SharePoint User Group members. My session, titled “Data-Centric Composites (Mashups) in SharePoint 2010), focused on the following topics:

1) What is a composite ?
2) What is a mashup ?
3) Business Connectivity Services
4) XSLT Data Views, The ultimate mashup tool.
5) SharePoint Designer 2010.

We also had two other sessions by Mohamed Mosaad who gave a brief overview on the SharePoint topology and Mohamed Yehia who spoke about the new and the amazing “Access Services in SharePoint 2010”.





I loved how the audience was enthusiastic and interactive. I would like to thank them all for their amazing feedback and interactivity during the session, your feedback guys means  a lot to us.


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