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Free USPJA Webcast – “How to Best Gather Requirements for SharePoint” by Dux Raymond

Poor requirements can be attributed to failed SharePoint implementations. The key to successful SharePoint implementation is properly developing requirements. A lot of people know that this is important, however, only a handful of folks truly understand what it takes to do this right.

In this presentation, you will learn key techniques in effectively eliciting, analyzing, prioritizing, validating and documenting requirements for SharePoint projects. 3
In addition, participants will be able to identify:
· Key components of requirements gathering process
· Why requirements traceability is paramount in defining ROI in SharePoint projects
· Why having a well defined business case is necessary to effectively initiate requirements gathering

The primary audience for this class are executives, managers, analysts, consultants who wish to properly implement SharePoint and immediately reap its’ organizational benefits.
Participants will get presentation notes, checklists, and templates.

It’s a great lecture, held by one of the true masterminds of SharePoint project management, Dux Raymond Sy.

Register here to attend:

If you want to learn more about USPJ Academy, please visit


USPJ Academy Faculty Meeting in Dubai

2Last weekend was a special one not only because it included my birthday or because I spent it in a luxurious hotel in Dubai but because it held the first official faculty meeting for USPJ Academy. I really had fun meeting the SharePoint heroes in the photo above. We had great time celebrating the academy launch, socializing and of course discussing lots about the teaching system in the academy. We came up with very interesting ideas, stay tuned!

Here’s the list of my fellow faculty members, along with links to their blogs.

Sahil Malik
Laura Docherty
Marc Anderson
Bjørn Furuknap
Christina Wheeler
Anil Sharma

USPJ Academy Launch May 17

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We are just about ready with the initial parts of the USPJ Academy platform. As such, on May 17, we’re launching the first features of the platform and invite students who have received and accepted a seat in the early access program to join us to begin learning SharePoint.

The first features launched are the library, the forums, and the faculty blog. These features are vital to understanding initial user needs for USPJA and will provide a rich environment in which students can prepare for their upcoming classes.

The official inauguration event happens on May 31, and classes begin on June 1.

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For more information about USPJ Academy, see what SharePoint Tech Report wrote about it in April’s newsletter :


Unlocking the Mysteries of the SharePoint Data View Web Part XSL Tags eBook Now Available

Marc Anderson, one of the faculty members of USPJ Academy announced a couple of days ago the availability of a new SharePoint eBook named “Unlocking the Mysteries of the SharePoint Data View Web Part XSL Tags”.

The eBook is based on Marc’s  popular set of articles on and his blog. I really enjoyed the Marc’s series and just thought of spreading the word about this valuable eBook which can help you to understand the inner workings of the XSL used in SharePoint’s Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), AKA, the Swiss Army Knife of SharePoint.

Click here to get the eBook.

USPJ Academy Applications Open Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 13th, USPJ Academy will open up for new applications for the early access program.

First, if you want to convince your boss to let you attend, check this  brief 5-minute video explaining all your boss may need to know:

Let me also briefly mention what you’ll get at USPJ Academy:

  1. Unlimited self-paced courses
  2. Up to three concurrent collaborative classes, facilitated by SharePoint industry experts
  3. Access to virtual labs as much as you want
  4. Library with SharePoint books, articles, lectures, videos, and more
  5. Faculty blog containing exclusive and rapidly updated information
  6. Superstar lectures where we invite the best SharePoint people to speak
  7. Campus forums to share or learn from other students and faculty members

For more information about the academy check and let me know if you have any questions.