What the Top SharePoint ISV’s Use for their Public Facing Websites !!!!

cms_a I have done this quick exercise to measure the level of confidence the top SharePoint ISV’s have for SharePoint as a WCM platform they can rely on to run their .com sites. The results took me by a big surprise!!

AvePoint SilverStripe (PHP)
Metalogix ASP.NET
Nintex SiteCore (.NET)
Webcon PHP
Harmon.ie Drupal (PHP)
BPA Solutions WordPress (PHP)
Idera SiteCore (.NET)
Gradient Contao (PHP)
AgilePoint WordPress (PHP)
Adlib SiteCore (.NET)
CardioLog ASP.NET
ShareGate SiteCore (.NET)
HarePoint SharePoint 2013
CoSign WordPress (PHP)
Axceler (Now part of Metalogix) Percussion
MetaVis Drupal (PHP)
Rencore WordPress (PHP)
InfoWise ASP.NET
Bamboo Solutions ASP.NET
Lightning Tools WordPress (PHP)
WebTrends WordPress (PHP)
Collaboris ASP.NET

Seriously? Only one ISV is using SharePoint for their .com ?!

Microsoft to drop SharePoint Online Public facing website from Office 365


Yes, it’s now official and the rumors on Twitter were right.

Starting in January 2015, Microsoft is making changes to the SharePoint Online Public Website feature. Exisiting customers of this feature will continue to have access for another two years. New customers who subscribe to Office 365 after the changeover date won’t have access to this feature. Moving forward, Office 365 customers will have access to third-party offerings that will enable them to easily integrate their public presence with their Office 365 service.Microsoft is not yet disclosing which third-party services it will recommend, but instead is saying details will be coming on this in January 2015. My humble guess is that GoDaddy will be a big player in this area because of its alliance with Microsoft in the cloud space.

To learn more about the changes, please check http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/3027254 .

If you are an existing customer and you still need to use the feature, I would highly recommend watching this MVA course.

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[Arabic Video] Continuous Deployment & Automated Testing Workflows for SharePoint & Office 365 Apps


Today’s video has been recorded from SharePoint Saturday Gulf 2014. What’s different about this session is that it’s all demos, few slides then a long demo that explains & shows the different aspects for managing the Lifecycle of SharePoint & Office 365 apps. This includes but not limited to Continuous integration, Continuous deployment, Automated Testing, Manual Testing, etc…

Please note that this video is in Arabic, to watch the English version, please check my session at SP24 Conference from here.

Curation: Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint & Office 365 Apps

During the past few years, I’ve been promoting, writing, speaking about and explaining the Application Lifecycle Management practices for SharePoint and Office 365 . During those years, I’ve created a lot of content that is unfortunately scattered all over the internet. Today, I’ve published a Curation that provides the best articles, presentations, videos and tools about this topic.


Hope this helps!

Microsoft introduces Office 365 Video

On November 18, 2014, Microsoft added a new feature to the enterprise versions of Office 365 called Office 365 Video, the first version of its out-of-box corporate video portal. This feature will enable Office 365 users to create a Mini internal YouTube platforms within their organizations. Thanks to seamless integration with Azure Media Services, videos are rendered and streamed to provide an excellent experience across devices and platforms.

The company describes Office 365 Video as the first of a coming series of new NextGen portals that can be set up quickly and leverage Office Graph machine learning, Yammer social interactions, and mobile usage scenarios.

“Office 365 Video provides organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content,” Office 365 senior product manager Mark Kashman notes in a new post to the Office Blogs. “From onboarding new employees, to distributing a CEO message company wide, to community contributions, video is now a first-class citizen to power and enrich your internal communications.”

Watch the below illustrated video to learn more about how the service stores and preps your video file once you upload it into Office 365 Video.

More Progress on Yammer & Office 365 Integration …

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Yammer will now allow users to sign in using their Office 365 credentials. This means that users now will be able to seamlessly toggle between Office 365 services and Yammer by use of the Office 365 Navigation Bar (picture below).

Yammer & Office 365 Integration

This feature gives users one less password to manage and a seamless online entry point to all Office 365 apps.

You can read the full announcement from here .

Major Strategy Change: Microsoft opens up .NET, Releases free Visual Studio & Supports Linux, Mac, iOS and Android

Yesterday Microsoft made a few big announcements at their Connect event to expand its horizons in the cloud and to open up their tools & platforms to a much broader audience than ever before.

Here is a quick summary for the announcements:

  • .NET Goes Open Source and now available on GitHub
  • Developers can write .NET code and target Windows, Linux or Mac OS!! (This one is my favorite)
  • Free Visual Studio Community 2013(Has all features of Visual Studio Professional, supports extensibility and supports iOS and Android app development)
  • iOS and Android projects are first class citizens in Visual Studio 2015.

It is a major strategy change; this is not the company I knew for years! I am super excited and even more committed to Microsoft now J

Read the announcements here

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