SharePoint 2013 Migration Webinar: Agenda & Demos

Some folks have asked me about the agenda for the upcoming Migration webinar which I’m delivering on Tuesday 28th and whether I’m planning to show real-life migrations. This post is to answer those questions..

Here is the agenda :

  1. Planning Considerations (What questions you should answer before starting the migration project)
  2. SharePoint OOB/Native Upgrade (2010 –> 2013)
  3. SharePoint Upgrade Design Goals (safer, less downtime, more control to administrators, etc…)
  4. New Upgrade Features in SharePoint 2013 (Deferred Site Collection upgrade, Site Collection health checks, etc… )
  5. Different options for migration to Office 365 SharePoint Online

& here are the planned demos:

  1. New Upgrade Features in SharePoint 2013
  2. Direct real-life migration (SharePoint 2007 –> SharePoint 2013)
  3. Direct real-life migration (SharePoint 2010 –> Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online)

Looking forward to “virtually” meeting you ..


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