[Arabic Video] Data-Driven Coded UI Testing for SharePoint using Visual Studio 2012

In the previous post, I showed you through a video how to create Coded UI Tests for SharePoint using Visual Studio 2012 with specified data. But what if you want to run your coded UI test multiple times with different sets of data to test different conditions?

To do this you can add parameter values from a data source to create a data-driven coded UI test. Each row in the data source is an iteration of the coded UI test. The overall result of the test will be based on the outcome for all the iterations. For example, if one test iteration fails, the overall test result is failure.

I have created another video (in Arabic) to show you the whole process of creating Data-Driven Coded UI Tests for SharePoint. you can watch the video here (http://youtu.be/wG7o0SaGndg ).



Please note that you might need to change the quality to 720 px (HD) as shown below for the best experience :




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