[Arabic Video] Visual Studio 2012 IntelliTrace Support for SharePoint

With IntelliTrace in Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 Update 1, SharePoint developers now have a way for directly using Correlation IDs to diagnose production issues originating from SharePoint custom code as well as debugging & fixing it.

Traditional debuggers give SharePoint developers only a snapshot of the state of their applications at the current moment. However, IntelliTrace can be used by SharePoint Developers to review, and even navigate to, past events that occurred in their applications and the context in which the events occurred. This is also known as “Historical Debugging”

I’ve created a quick video in Arabic to walk you through a real-life scenario in which IntelliTrace was used to quickly diagnose and fix a production issue. You can watch the video here ..



For the English version of the video, you can watch the one available on Channel 9.


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