[Updated] – ”SharePoint Testing & Troubleshooting using Visual Studio 2012” – An Arabic Video Series

Happy new year! I wish you a fantastic 2013… May all your wishes come true; health, happiness, peace, fulfillment, prosperity …. all beautiful things to you, your families and loved ones, your countries, your people.

As the ‘SharePoint Practice Lead’ for MEA ALM Community and as promised during the official community launch, I’ve created a video series in Arabic to explain & demonstrate SharePoint Testing & Troubleshooting using Visual Studio 2012 & Microsoft Test Manager 2012. I’ve included all the videos in a YouTube playlist, you can access the list from here.

Here are also links to the videos that I created so far.






Watch the video here


Watch the video here


Watch the video here


Watch the video here


Watch the video here


Watch the video here



Watch the video here


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