ItemPublished event !!!

I know the title seems weird, but that was exactly the subject of an e-mail message that I have received today from a SharePoint developer asking about the way he can execute some code when a document is published. The guy needs to send out the URL of a document as soon as it is published to a SharePoint group members for taking some actions.

Actually there is no such thing as “ItemPublished” event, the subject of the e-mail was misleading, the guy was searching for such an event but unfortunately SharePoint doesn’t provide it in its object model.

Workaround :

When a document in a library is published, “ItemUpdated” event fires and the only way to detect that an end user has chosen to publish a document is  by checking ModerationInformation in ItemUpdatedevent handler to see if the list item is in a published version or not. Approved is published.



Hope this helps..


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