“SharePoint Troubleshooting” , A new free bonus issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal written by Me!

Just a quick note to let you know that a new free bonus issue of “Understanding SharePoint Journal” was released a couple of hours ago. The issue is titled “SharePoint Troubleshooting” and is written by me.

In that 25-page bonus issue, I will introduce you to some of the troubleshooting utilities, tools, tips, and tricks that can make your life easier in view of the fact that SharePoint troubleshooting can really be a nightmare for those who are new to the platform if it is not performed properly. The initiative for this issue came out of my late nights as a software engineer trying to troubleshoot SharePoint solutions to ship high-quality products on time.


You can get the issue for free from here.  I’ll also be waiting for your feedback for the issue atayman.elhattab@gmail.com


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