Egypt SharePoint User Group, June 2009 Meeting

Two weeks ago, Egypt SharePoint User Group second meeting was held, Special thanks for ITWorx for hosting the event.
The sessions went really great and we had a great guest: Michael Noel, A SharePoint Guru, speaking about “Building a perfect SharePoint farm”, it was very informative and useful. Thanks Michael and I hope that you enjoyed your time in Cairo and Alexandria.


For me, I really had great experience speaking about my favorite topic in SharePoint “Content Types“. Firstly, I spoke about Content Types from the End User perspective, demonstrated Site Content Types and List content types then I switched to the development part where we developed Content Types using CAML and I discussed some methods to design everything from the UI and export the Content Types to Visual Studio and deploying them through “Features”.

Finally, I discussed how to customize Content Types forms and how to customize SharePoint through Content Types.
The session was very interactive and we had very nice and interesting attendees.

After my session, I’ve received many requests to share the slide deck on my blog. Sorry for the delay but finally I managed to upload it, you can get it from the following URL:


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