Using Surveys on anonymous access SharePoint sites

One of the nice features of SharePoint is “Surveys”. They allow you to create a set of questions and have users of the site fill them in. It allows for selections from a set list, rating scales (where you rate a number of items along a scale from, say, ‘not at all’ to ‘extremely’) and even flow logic (where the outcome of one question causes certain questions to be skipped). For intranet-type team sites, this just works like a charm. For public sites with anonymous access however, it turns out not so easy. To fill out a form, the user must have write access to the surveys library for example. Normally, we of course never allow write access to anonymous users. This article will show you how to configure your survey for use on a public anonymous web site (it involves a little trick). Note that this tutorial applies to ALL flavors of SharePoint, both WSS 3.0 as any of the MOSS 2007 licenses.


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