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IE Developer Toolbar Not Functioning !

I received this question several times from several colleagues who use IE Developer toolbar for skinning SharePoint sites :
“I installed the IE Developer Toolbar but All the menus are in gray and it’s not functioning at all.”
Well, It’s easy :
1) Tools –> Internet options –> Security –> Local Intranet –> Custom Level –> Run ActiveX Control or PlugIn (Administrator Approved)
2)Tools –> Internet Options –> Programs –> Manage add-ons –> IE Developer Toolbar BHO –> Enable
3)Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced –> Enable third party browser-extensions 4)Restart IE

Happy skinning 😀

We’ll miss you, Patrick.

Patrick Tisseghem, long time SharePoint MVP and co-founder of U2U, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, suddenly passed away on September 3rd evening in Gothenburg, Sweden due to heart failure. He is survived by his wife, Linda, and daughters, Anahi and Laura.
On behalf of the SharePoint product group, I offer my deepest condolences to Patrick’s family. Patrick was a leading figure in the SharePoint community, well known for his standing room only presentations at conferences and user group meetings as well as respected for his often sold out in-depth technical training courses.

Where EXACTLY are they stored ?!!!

I used to ask myself , Where exactly are sharepoint documents stored ?
hmm may be on the file system ? no ! Not reasonable..
In the content database ? hmm
After investigating this subject, I found out that every time you save a document in the document library on a SharePoint site, the entire contents of the document is saved in binary format in a single image-type field in the SharePoint database.
WOW, an entire document in a single field ??

When I told a colleague about that he asked me for an evidence.
Ok !

Guys, check this link : , documentation on the Microsoft Developer Network always says the truth 🙂