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OWSTIMER ! Memory Leakage

Often the OWSTIMER.EXE process will allocate significant amounts of memory . As more and more memory is allocated to OWSTIMER, less is available for other processes, most notably the Internet Information Server (IIS) web service (W3SVC). If IIS does not have sufficient memory, a serious performance penalty will result. The workaround for this memory leakage to stop and then start the OWSTIMER process. This can be accomplished using the built-in Services application (under Administrative Programs in the Start menu) or via the command line. (The command-line entry is “net stop WSSTimerV3“.) In a large farm deployment, the service will be running on many Web Front Ends ( WFE’s) so the workaround must be performed on all of them.

Multiple Document Upload issue in MOSS 2007

I recently had an issue when trying to upload multiple documents to SharePoint 2007 Document Library . I receive the following error :” Cannot run Windows SharePoint Services on this page” .

To fix this issue :

1) Go to the Central Administration from Start > Microsoft Office Server à SharePoint Central Administration
2) Choose the Application Management tab
3) Choose Authentication providers from Application Security
4) Change the web Application to your web application then select the zone that failed ( Mine was Default )
5) Disable the client integration by selecting No
6) Return to the default zone again
7) Enable the client integration by choosing “Yes”
8) Now you can use the multiple upload feature