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Creating No-Code BCS Solutions in SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010–From TechEd Middle East 2011

As per the requests I received after my sessions at Microsoft TechEd Middle East 2011, I’ll be posting the slide decks of my sessions here along with some photos (I know I know, you might not be interested in this) Open-mouthed smile

I’ll start today with the session I delivered in the Pre-TechEd day.

Title: Creating No-Code BCS Solutions in SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010
Track: Office and SharePoint (PRE301)
Speakers: Ayman El-Hattab, Muhammed Nabil
Session Type: Pre-Conference Seminar
Room: Green Room 2 | Level: 300 – Advanced
Description: With the introduction of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010, It’s now easy to build no-code productivity solutions that extend LOB Systems to the user level by means of powerful and familiar interfaces (and what’s more familiar than Office?). This session introduces BCS, Office Business Applications (OBA) and shows the power that SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and BCS brings to the table.

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SharePoint MVP for another year .. Exciting news

I should love April 1st… this is my anniversary date for my MVP award. You never know if you’re going to have an April Fool’s joke pulled on you or not. Regardless, I got the following email last Friday :

Dear Ayman El Hattab,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities during the past year.

Wuhoooooo, I have been renewed as SharePoint Server MVP for 2011. I would like to thank Microsoft for this. It’s an honour to be6 part of this vibrant knowledgable community. It’s also really exciting to be associated with this great product “SharePoint”. The product itself is fantastic and it has bunch of talented experts in the form of MVPs and support of product team is excellent. Moreover SharePoint community is really vibrant, helpful and knowledgeable (You can follow the hashtag #SP2010 and #SharePoint on Twitter to understand what I mean).

I’d to like thank my MVP Lead Ruari Plint and my ex-lead Baransel Dogan for their support and encouragement. I’d also like to thank people who have attended my talks, read my blogs and participated in the newsgroups and forums.

Last year was a very busy year and one of my best when it comes to community participation. It ended up with three very successful TechEd talks and my first contribution to a published book (SharePoint 2010 Unleashed). I’ve big plans for the SharePoint community this year, especially the online one.. Stay tuned!

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Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA – Registration

Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA is back on January 22nd, 2011. This is the second annual SPSEMEA and promises to be a huge event with over 30 sessions4 simultaneous Live Meeting Channels and a public text chatroom open to participants and speakers.

Registration for SPSEMEA began last Tuesday, January 11 and is free to the global SharePoint Community. There are over 30 SharePoint Evangelists, including 10 SharePoint MVPs, from around the world providing content you would normally only see at a paid SharePoint Conference. Tracks are set for SharePoint End Users and Business Managers on topics for “How We Did It: Real World Case Studies“, “No Code/Assembly Solutions“, “SharePoint Interface Branding“, and “SharePoint for Business“. The sessions will be recorded and made available two weeks after the event.

Confirmed Presenters

Agnes Molnar, MVP: Hungary
Andrew Woodward, MVP: United Kingdom
Ant Clay: United Kingdom
Ayman El-Hattab, MVP: Egypt
Brett Lonsdale: United Kingdom
Chirag Patel: United States
Chris Poteet: United States
Christian Buckley: United States
Coskun Cavusoglu: United States
Daniel McPherson: India
Dave Coleman: United Kingdom
Derek Weeks: United States
Eric Riz: Candada
Fabian Williams: United States
Geoff Varosky: United States
Hossam Behery: United States
Ian Woodgate: United Kingdom
Jeremy Thake, MVP: Australia
Jerry Yasir, MVP: Saudi Arabia
Jim Bob Howard: United States
Jose Antonio Morales: United States
Laura Rogers: United States
Mai Omar: Egypt
Marc Anderson, MVP: United States
Mark Rackley: United States
Marwan Tarek, MVP: Egypt
Matt Bramer: United States
Michael Hinckley: United States
Muhammed Nabil: Eygpt
Nicolas Georgeault: France
Nigel Price: United Kingdom
Rackley Mark: United States
Rutherford Wilson: United States
Ruven Gotz, MVP: Canada
Saifullah Shafiq, MVP: United States
Sarah Haase: United States
Symon Garfield: United States

Toni, Isaac, Mark and I will be moderating the sessions, making sure everything is going smoothly.

We hope you’ll join us for Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA. Please register in advance to guarantee yourself free access to some of the best presentations available, all aimed at SharePoint End Users.
See you there.

Ayman El-Hattab (@aymanelhattab), Egypt
Mark Miller (@eusp), United States
Toni Frankola (@ToniFrankola), Croatia
Isaac Stith (@MrIsaac), United States

Feature and Solution Framework in SP2010–From Ignite Training

As promised, here is another slide deck from SP2010 development training that I delivered last week to partners @ Microsoft Egypt.

Today I’m sharing a presentation about the main building blocks of SharePoint; Features and Solutions.

Your feedback is appreciated.


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Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA!

SharePoint Saturday EMEA is a loosely knit group of SharePoint evangelists from around the world. We are working together, using SharePoint as a Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEAcollaboration tool to sponsor live, online global events.

On January 22nd, 2011, we will hold our 2nd annual, live online SharePoint Saturday event in the EMEA Timezones.

Registration to attend LIVE ONLINE SHAREPOINT SATURDAY EMEA begins on January 11, 2011. Please mark your calendar to guarantee your seat.

On January 11, 2011, we will begin open registration for those wishing to attend the sessions. Please mark you calendar and begin spreading the word. Last session we had 600 registrations and hope to break 1000 for this series. Thanks in advance for helping us out.

SPSEMEA Organizing Team

Mark Miller, United States
Toni Frankola, Croatia
Isaac Stith, United States
Ayman El-Hattab, Egypt

SharePoint 2010 Architecture Slides–From Ignite Training

During my SharePoint 2010 Ignite Training for developers @ Microsoft Egypt, I delivered two Architecture sessions; I’m sharing the slides here.

First Session: SharePoint 2010 Web Application Architecture

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Second Session: SharePoint 2010 Service Application Architecture


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SharePoint Saturday Arabia Postponed

I am sorry to announce that SharePoint Saturday Arabia, scheduled to be held on December 11th has been postponed until further notice.

For those who cannot wait and keen to attend other SharePoint talks and events, I recommend the following top-notch events:

1. SharePoint Saturday EMEA:  this will be huge, organized and sponsored by great ISV’s and partners, stay tuned for more info |

2. TechEd Middle East : Register Now!

3. SharePoint Conference 2011, Qatar. Register Now!

4. MS3arab Community monthly meetings: I’ll be speaking next month about SharePoint 2010.

Stay tuned for the news dates for SharePoint Saturday Arabia, this will be announced very soon!

About MS3arab Community!


Who Are We?

Set of cooperative Industry Geeks who targets cooperating with community to avail high-end sessions to the Microsoft technical community in Arabic.

Who are MS3arab Co-Founders?

  • Ahmed Bahaa, Ph.D, MVP, and RD
  • Ayman El-Hattab, MVP.
  • Mohamed Rafaat Samy.
  • Mohamed Bahaa, M.Sc.
  • Mahmoud Ghoz.
  • Shady Naguib

Other Key Members

  • Marwan Tarek, MVP –SharePoint
  • Sharif Talaat, MVP –Windows Power Shell
  • Mahmoud Magdy, MVP –Exchange.
  • Mohamed Aamer
  • Mohamed Yehia.

Our Target Audience

  • Working Professionals.
  • Enterprise Workers

Our Host



Our Gatherings

  • When :On Monthly Basis, Last Wednesday of the Month (6:30 –9:30)
  • Where : EBI
  • How: Each gathering will include 2 sessions (2 X 75Min.)
  • Always Check Prerequisites before attending

Connect With Us

Facebook Group (MS3arab)
Facebook Fan page (MS3arab)
Twitter (MS3arab)


PDC Cairo Local Event / MS3arab Community Launch in photos!

PDC Cairo Local Event/MS3arab Community Launch was phenomenal with great enthusiastic attendees and speakers. I would like to thank all those who participated in making this happens (including Egyptian MSP’s). I would like to leave you for now with some photos from the event.



I have received some questions via mail about the new community (MS3arab), the process of registration and more. I’ll leave this to another detailed post, stay tuned ….

SharePoint Saturday Arabia is back –11 Dec 2010

SharePoint Saturday Arabia Online event is back!1

Following from last successful event, this online event is scheduled for DEC 11, 2010.

Last March, we hosted the first instance of SharePoint Saturday Arabia and it was a success, thanks to our speakers and sponsors. It was a ten hour event with 15 Speakers, including 8 MVPs, and two simultaneous sessions running every hour. We had 750 registrants and around 150 attendees( Recording from the first event are still available here )

This is the second event and we are hoping for the same success and enthusiasm from our audience.

In the spirit of giving back to the SharePoint Community, the event admission will be free of charge, supported by people volunteering their time to speak on their favorite SharePoint topic.

We are now taking speaker submissions. Please download the speaker submission form. There are some new questions on there that you might not have seen if you have participated in previous SharePoint Saturday events since we are dealing with multiple timezones and continents.

We will take submissions only for 2010 material. Presentations will last one hour with possible Q&A continuing through the live blogging platform.

Register here