EgyGeeksOnSkype ?

Yesterday (Sunday, April 4th), Mohamed Meligy, Ramy Mahrous, Emad Mokhtar, Mohamed Gamal, Doha ElSayed and myself had a wonderful talk on skype. This meeting was not scheduled, it started by a conversation on twitter about how we are going to spend the easter day, then we moved to TinyChat and we ended up on Skype talking about different technical and non-technical topics.

The interesting part about this talk is that we came up with the “EgyGeeksOnSkype” idea! It’s simply an online gathering for Egyptian geeks (Non Egyptians are most welcome to join) to discuss different technical and non-technical topics.

We will start next Friday (April, 9th) at 11:59 PM Cairo Time (GMT +2), I will be speaking about “No-Code SharePoint Solutions” from 12:00 AM to 12:30 AM followed by an open discussion about OData.

To join the conversation add “mohamed.meligy”, “rmahrous”, “emad.mokhtar.habib”, “aymanelhattab” or “gamalilio” on skype and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #EgyGeeksOnSkype” on twitter.

Don’t miss it!

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Top 20 SharePoint MVP MSDN Rankings

@givenscj has done a great job coming up with a list for SharePoint MVP MSDN Rankings, I have listed here the top 20 MVPs. For the full list, please refer to this blog post to know where your favorite SharePoint MVP stack up in the forums.

Oh, and I’m ranked the 14th 🙂

Name | Points | Posts | Answers

1) Mike Walsh      | 48357 | 15438 | 1657
2) Paul Galvin      | 15895 | 3304 | 890
3) Fabrice Romelard| 9585 | 1264| 683
4) Mike Oryszak    | 8139 | 1326| 500
5) Moonis Tahir    | 7054 | 1186| 468
6) John D. Ross    | 6919 | 1495| 348
7) Waldek Mastykarz| 6437 | 1110| 396
8) Gary Lapointe   | 4972 | 807 | 318
9) Ishai Sagi      | 3830 | 596 | 255
10) Randy Drisgill  | 3382 | 623 | 206
11) Michael Nemtsev | 3324 | 717 | 198
12) John Timney     | 3091 | 436 | 207
13) Wictor Wilen    | 2683 | 428 | 164
14) Ayman El-Hattab | 2308 | 268 | 113
15) Becky Bertram   | 2061 | 273 | 134
16) MatthewMcDermott| 2043 | 619 | 089
17) Andrew Woodward | 1570 | 386 | 085
18) Mirjam Van Olst | 1504 | 234 | 089
19) Scot Hillier    | 1299 | 212 | 082
20) Stephane Eyskens| 1252 | 227 | 074

SharePoint Saturday Arabia Recordings + Bonus Videos !!

As I promised yesterday in my wrap-up post, SharePoint Saturday Arabia recordings are now available for download. I have just uploaded 15 hours of great SharePoint content to SkyDrive, please let me know if you have any issues in downloading the recordings!

Session Speaker
Keynote and Introduction to SPS Arabia Dux RaymondAyman El-Hattab, and Marwan Tarek Arabic / English Download
Developing Sandbox Solutions Mohamed Yehia Arabic Download
Troubleshooting SharePoint Solutions Ayman El-Hattab, SharePoint MVP Arabic Download
Intelligent SharePoint Architecture and Storage Optimization Strategies Dawid Kozlowski [AvePoint] English Download
Visual Studio tools for SharePoint Marwan Tarek, SharePoint MVP Arabic Download
XSLT in SharePoint Osama Mourad Arabic Download
SharePoint 2010 Architecture Fundamentals: Virtualization & Scalability Michael Noel, Forefront MVP English Download
SharePoint 2010 Data Manipulation Techniques Mostafa ElZoghbi, C# MVP Arabic Download
SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Document Management Agnes Molnar, SharePoint MVP English Download
Unleash the Power of OBA with SharePoint 2010 Razi Bin Rais, SharePoint MVP English Download
Introducing ALM to SharePoint Development Implementations Jeremy Thake English Download
SharePoint Identity Crisis Michael Hinckley English Download
Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 Jerry Yasir, SharePoint MVP English Download
SharePoint for Public Facing Web Sites Jose Antonio Morales English Download
No Code Business Connectivity Services Fabian Williams English Download
SharePoint 2010 Worldwide Deployment Nicholas Georgeault, SharePoint MVP English Download


During the event, Jose Antonio Morales received lots of questions about Public Facing Sites with WSS 3.0 so he decided to create two more videos to answer the attendees questions, you can get Jose’s videos from the links below.

WSS 3.0 For Public Facing Sites – Part 1
WSS 3.0 For Public Facing Sites – Part 2

Another question that we received more than once during the event was about installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7, my dear friend Mohamed Moses has done a great job summarizing the process in a short video, you can get Mohamed’s video from the link below.

Installing SharePoint 2010 Beta on Windows 7

Thanks again for all our attendees, speakers and all people who helped me in organizing SharePoint Saturday Arabia, stay tuned for more videos on !

SharePoint Saturday Arabia Wrap-Up

SharePoint Saturday Arabia was a live online, ten hour event on March 27th 2010. There were 15 Speakers,including 8 MVPs, and two simultaneous sessions running every hour. We had 750 registrants and around 150 attendees.


Throughout my blog, twitter and Facebook, I had wonderful opportunities to get connected with tons of nice folks in the Middle East and especially in Arabia and the one thing I have noticed in common is the thirst for SharePoint knowledge.

These people are in true need for answers, they feel like they are alone, they don’t have enough conferences as with the case in Europe and America, they don’t have Visual How To’s in their native languages and they just cheer up when they come across someone who knows their struggles.

The first step for bridging the gap and fulfilling the needs was creating a community channel and a place where Arab SharePoint professionals can share their expertise and hence was created.

Moreover, after the great success of SharePoint Saturday EMEA and the amazing feedback I received about my Arabic session there, I decided to follow Mark Miller’s footprints and to organize a similar event with more localized content for Arabs.

First step was contacting Marwan Tarek, my partner in most of my crimes and asking him to help me in organizing the event like managing speaker submissions, sponsor requests and making sure that speakers are having good and reliable internet connections. I have also contacted Baransel Dogan and Ruari Plint (MEA MVP Leads) asking them to spread the word and ask more MVPs to participate.

I would like also to point out that Mark Miller ( has done a terrific job putting together the lessons learned from SharePoint Saturday EMEA in a brilliant article here ( ), I would encourage anyone willing to run an online event to strictly follow the advices presented by Mark in this article.

The Event

We had Six MVPs + Two other people who were recognized as MVPs just 5 days after the event (I am happy to be one of those).

We also had other seven SharePoint experts in different countries and time zones, I would like to seize the opportunity and thank them all for their wonderful sessions and the willingness to help and share. Special thanks go to Dux Raymond for staying up very late and keynoting the event, it was very nice having a



he event went very well; the speakers were punctual, interactive, and keen to share their expertise with the audience. We had one moderator per session; the moderator was responsible for keeping an eye on the chat room, managing the audience requests, passing the questions to the speakers, resolving any audio issues and recording the sessions. Egypt SharePoint User Group leaders and Ahmed Ramy from dotnetwork user group were responsible for moderating the sessions.


The best part about the event was the closure. We had an interesting talk with the audience about the ways we can improve the event, whether they like this type of online events and how frequent they would like to see SharePoint Saturday Arabia.

The feedback was positive, I would like to refer to two blogs post that really made me happy and more determined to organize and sponsor more online events. I have even quoted some paragraphs here:

SPS Arabia event was truly amazing

SharePoint Arabia (nontechnical view):

Yesterday, I’ve seen the success after months planning, I’ve seen achievements after team working, I feel so honored to join such a wonderful team. I almost felt like I’m one of them! The way they introduced each others was my favorite, they way they thank any speaker after his session was amazing, all speakers were proud to be a part of it. The online chat room was really active, the attendees were so friendly, I knew many SharePoint related new guys“, By: Baraah Omari

Each session lasted from 45 to 55 minutes followed by a Q & A session. All of the speakers were well versed in their topics and inspired a lot of questions from attendees. I was only able to attend 8 of the 16 sessions. The set up was really nicely done with two LiveMeeting Channels set up (one for the Arabic sessions and the other for the English sessions) this was used for the slide presentations and audio from the session speakers; along with an online chat room sponsored by for questions from the attendee’s. The sessions started and ended pretty close to on time and everything was done really well.”, By : Johnathan

Here is another feedback that I received from Razi Bin Rais, SharePoint MVP and one of SharePoint Saturday Arabia speakers :

Thanks for an amazing event, kudos to all the team members behind SharePoint Saturday Arabia. I been chatting about the event with couple of folks from Asia Pacific region and they are impressed by the quality and execution of the event. I am planning to do a detail blog post once the recording of the sessions are available.”

Waiting for your blog post Razi and thanks for your e-mail :))

Another one is from Fabian Williams, one of the great experts who joined us in SharePoint Saturday Arabia :

I have to echo the remarks and accolades for both the organizers and speakers in this event, spot on mates… I am looking forward for the next one. ”

Thanks Fabian for your e-mail, I have received wonderful feedback about your session! I look forward to having you in our next event; Arabs love you man 😉


I have received lots and lots of e-mails, Twitter DMs and FaceBook messages from our attendees and people registrants asking about the recordings and the slides. I know I am late, sorry guys for this, but the recordings needed some extra work and editing, all what I need to do now is uploading them, so the recordings along with the slides will be available within 24 hours. Please keep an eye onEndUserSharePoint.ComSharePoint4Arabs.comSharePoint Saturday Arabia site and my blog for any updates.

Not April fool : Recognized by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

I received the following email today :

“Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities during the past year”

Needless to say, I am honored to be counted with some of the dazzling minds in the software industry and very delighted that my contributions in the past year were recognized by Microsoft.3

I would like to extend special thank you’s to all MEA MVPs who have always helped, supported and motivated me since I have started my community activities a couple of years ago like Marwan Tarek (Egypt), Mostafa Arafa (Kuwait), Hammad Rajjoub (Pakistan), and Muhanad Omar (Jordan).

Many more thanks to everyone that has had direct involvement in my career like Mahmoud Kandeel, Ayman El-Tohamy, Ismail Habib, and Ali AlKahki.

Last but not least, I should also thank Bjorn Furuknap ,Mark Miller, Kailash Kalyani, Baransel Dogan and Ruari Plint for supporting all my previous community activities especially SharePoint Saturday Arabia.

And The best part about this award, that NOW we have two SharePoint MVPs at USPJ Academy !! Wooohooooooo !!

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