SharePoint 2010 TechDay!

Last Saturday, Egypt SharePoint User group and .NetWork user groups organized SharePoint 2010 TechDay, it was a full day of new SharePoint features, we started at 10:30 AM and we finished at 5:00 PM.



Marwan Tarek started with “SharePoint 2010, Getting Ready!” exploring the new and exciting features of SP2010



Mohamed Yehia followed him by “Developer tools for SharePoint 2010” in which he introduced Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools, LINQ for SharePoint and Client Object Model.



Finally, I presented “Developing No Code SharePoint 2010 Solutions”, I have created an end-to-end no code Training Request Solution in which I featured the following



1. SharePoint Designer 2010 enhancements.
2. SharePoint Designer Workflows
3. Visio 2010
4. InfoPath 2010 Integration with SharePoint 2010
5. Data View Web Parts & XSLT list View Web Parts
6. Using JQuery with SharePoint

I would like to seize this opportunity to extend a special thank-you to all our attendees, their interaction and questions really made my day!

I would also like to thank my colleagues Marwan Tarek and Mohamed Yehia for their wonderful sessions , Good job guys!


A feature that I really appreciate in InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010

2Microsoft heard our feedback guys and took them very seriously regarding the portability of the solutions created in the development environments. You can now take all the lists, libraries, site assets, data and forms, package them up all into one file and easily deploy them onto different environments!

Now, the question is “What about InfoPath forms?”

In InfoPath 2010, all the links you have to external data are now relative, so when you move that form to different environments, those links will continue to work.. I really appreciate this!

Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA

1SharePoint Saturday EMEA is a loosely knit group of SharePoint evangelists from around the world. We are working together using SharePoint as a collaboration tool to sponsor live, online global events.

On January 23rd, 2010, we will hold our first online SharePoint Saturday event in the EMEA Timezones (8:00am to 5:00pm London time).

Registration is now open

Join Facebook group here.

I’m really proud to be one of the organizers and speakers in this event, stay tuned, we have a bunch of creative ideas that you will definitely like!